Three Years & Fifteen Years

Anna, Noelani and KoaIt’s a big day in my tiny world. Today marks fifteen years of service in the Army National Guard. It’s fitting that I’m presently attending the officer branch course for the next part of my career right now and at the same location where I began all those years ago.

My little Noelani, my Beautiful Girl From Heaven, turns 3 years old today. She made me a Mom, made Kevin a Dad, and made us the proud co-parents of the most energetic, curious, amazing and beautiful little lady I know. I am astounded every day at her intelligence, her ability to comprehend and execute instructions, and her growth. She makes us laugh with her spot-on sense of comedic timing and humor, and keeps us on our toes! We can’t even spell out words we don’t want her hearing anymore-she understands what we are trying to hide.

She is absolutely barely-three and is in the thick of the “terrible twos”, but is so quick to recover from something seemingly devastating, it’s as if the incident never occurred. I wish I had that much resilience!

To you Noelani,

I pray you have a wonderful birthday day wrapped up warmly in the arms of your Aunt and Grandparents. Enjoy Papa’s mickey mouse pancakes. Have a wonderful jaunt down the river trail. Choo choo along with the train when it chugs past the house. And give your brother his half-birthday gift wrapped up with all the sibling love you have for him.

I love you with all my heart and am so proud to be your Mom.

Happy Birthday Noelani!



Simultaneously Excited and Apprehensive

Waves of excitement, pure unadulterated joy followed by anxiety about everything under the sun…that pretty much sums up my general state of being. I suppose that’s partially a bi-product of this pregnancy. But for me it’s also the complete shift of working for myself/my clients from home to working full-time in an office nearly an hour’s drive away.

I recently accepted a full-time position with the Army National Guard as a military technician. For this gal who’s spent the past two and half years as a solopreneur working to build a business, the shift is going to be a challenge. I have been lucky enough to be blessed in so many ways through this business journey. Continue reading