Build it – they will come

Photograph by Jean Pierre Dalbera

Photograph by Jean Pierre Dalbera Flickr

Does this hold true for digital products? Or must we market them –AS– we build them? Rome wasn’t built in a day – and I venture to argue that no digital product is created in a day either. I will admit the baseball field the title refers to may have fared a bit better though.

Many startups fall prey to perfecting a product before getting it to the marketplace. Then by the time it exists in front of the customer – no one is even looking for it, or anticipating its arrival. But how is a solopreneur supposed to create a digital product and market it at the same time? Simple – time management. Though the only ‘simple’ part is actually typing that sentence. Continue reading


Constantly Updating

Continuously Updating

I’m in the midst of creating an online course to empower business owners to create, maintain and update their own website. Of course, I’m using WordPress as the platform to help them build a site they will be able to manage. WordPress is the easiest to use platform for non-techy people.

I recorded a video about a week or so ago replete with installing a self-hosted site and then an overview of the Dashboard and Settings menus. Well, I went back to record the next series of videos today regarding the Tools and Users menus as well as begin building the site by choosing a theme. Continue reading