Who is Anna Doo

photograph of Anna Doo

Anna Doo

I could fill this page with words that attempt to describe me and why I’m one of the millions who finds solace in putting my thoughts down on virtual paper…and I will include some of that. But I’d also like to include links to other spaces online that help define me to you by virtue of my online footprint.

Words about me

Website designer, graphic designer, aspiring social media maven, teacher, photographer and photojournalist. In my offline life I’m a wife, daughter, sister, Soldier and Mom of two.

Anna-Doo.com (my business space, I’m rebuilding it this summer 2017, so please be patient with me – Empowering YOU to create, maintain and update your online presence to include building a Social Media Strategy.)

http://pages.teamintraining.org/nm/nikewhlf13/annadoo (Fundraising page for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society – always open for donations)

http://www.onthebeachpublishing.com (Colleague, friend, and all around incredibly savvy business-woman. Need to know more about blogging – head over to Kim’s site)


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