Company restrictions vs timely sharing

The challenge of working within the confines of a company’s guidelines can sometimes hinder producing timely social media content.

This is a challenge that is all too real in my daily work. We struggle to share relevant, useful, informative posts and content while ensuring we are being fair and impartial to all news outlets. Of course, we are cognizant of the brand we represent and think twice before hitting the submit button.

pluto, new horizons team celebrate

Mashup of colored images of Pluto and the New Horizons team as they celebrate the success of the mission. (Photos courtesy of NASA)

The article on Wired’s website is an exploration of a public agency who may or may not have shown favoritism toward one social media platform. It’s a fascinating read! Take a moment. NASA’s Social Media Strategy is Genius-And Kinda Maddening | Wired

What has been your experience with company culture vs timely sharing of information? Do you share certain information to certain platforms because of the intended target audience on each? Or do you rework the same topic to appeal to that demographic? Leave your thoughts below.


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