Simultaneously Excited and Apprehensive

Waves of excitement, pure unadulterated joy followed by anxiety about everything under the sun…that pretty much sums up my general state of being. I suppose that’s partially a bi-product of this pregnancy. But for me it’s also the complete shift of working for myself/my clients from home to working full-time in an office nearly an hour’s drive away.

I recently accepted a full-time position with the Army National Guard as a military technician. For this gal who’s spent the past two and half years as a solopreneur working to build a business, the shift is going to be a challenge. I have been lucky enough to be blessed in so many ways through this business journey. First my husband has been a steadfast supporter in every sense of the word. Second, I’ve learned so much about the business community in Rio Rancho and Albuquerque, and met and interacted with countless amazing people. People willing to share their expertise. People willing to tell me what not to do, where to be seen, where to get the most bang for my networking buck. I’d like to think I’ve made a positive impact on the lives of some of my fellow business community also.

On a daily basis I’ve put in an average of ten to twelve hours of work. Even on weekends a solopreneur cannot totally unplug ~ especially when their business revolves around the digital age. I’ve had amazing clients and absolutely challenging clients. Those who make me want to complete their projects and are full of gratitude and those who want one more little thing added, then one more, and one more after that rarely understanding or appreciating how much extra time and energy that one more little thing actually translates to. But I’ve enjoyed it all, every minute.

Choose happiness today by taking lifeI never planned on going back to work full-time for the military. I have been there, done that in multiple capacities for years. The right position, working under the right person, doing what I thoroughly enjoy in the military was recently created.

I’ll be performing the duties and responsibilities of a Public Affairs Specialist with extra duties as webmaster and social media go-to gal. So once again I’ll be in the thick of the daily happenings in New Mexico National Guard. I’ll be photographing, interviewing and producing products on events we are involved in as well as a plethora of PA specific tasks.

When I begin work on Monday, I’ll also begin the 31st week of this pregnancy. Yep, working for someone else full-time in my third trimester. I may be a bit crazy. Honestly, that’s where some of the apprehension comes in.

I’ve always worked hard to be flexible and go forth and do what is needed of me in my military service without push-back or complaint. I try not to be someone who asks for special treatment ever and I fully expect all Soldiers to be held to the same standard. But I can’t hide it. I can’t put it away for the day and then come home and be pregnant. Nope. It’s a 24-7 adventure. Even so, will I ever allow myself to complain out loud to my colleagues or boss about how tired I feel that day or how it’d be great to crawl under the desk and take a nap pending I could get back up from the floor? No way.

I will go to work, perform the duties, enjoy the environment and the camaraderie, then drive an hour back home and attend CrossFit. My husband may need to start cooking dinner though.

Tell me your thoughts in the comments – crazy for starting a new job in the third trimester? Or makes total sense to grab hold of the awesome opportunity as it’s available now?


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