The Hope of Great Things to Come

Champagne ToastCompleting projects makes me feel great! That’s because there are so many inherent functions that follow.

As you may know by now, I set a deadline of January 15, 2014 to launch my online course geared toward DIY business owners who want someone to show them how to create, maintain and promote their online presence. It’s called Website Design by Anna Doo and you can find it by clicking on the link

Website Design by Anna Doo Logo

I met that deadline on time. And here I was thinking things would slow down just a bit by meeting that milestone. Far from it!

This past week and a half has been a whirlwind of activity! Daily tasks have ranged from promoting the website, creating my own social media strategy, implementing it, and improving the website to attending multiple networking meetings and a wonderful awards ceremony for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society Light the Night Walk. I also hired an audio transcriptionist to painstakingly listen to my videos and turn them into copy for me to reuse as blog posts. And of course, all the pop-up requests from current clients needing this, that or the other done right away! Whew!

This has all been done while still maintaining a thrice weekly Crossfit exercise routine, making dinners for myself and my husband, wedding dress shopping with my sister for her nuptials, and trying to get enough rest for myself in this, the second trimester of my first pregnancy. It’s a lot of work!

But it’s all worth the time and effort put in.

This is fun for me! To share what I know and have learned with those who need the knowledge to better their business. To continuously search for new information on website design and the latest on all these social media platforms we use daily. I thrive on being a resource for business owners and must continue to garner the knowledge that I can parse out and return to entrepreneurs in ways they can use it to their advantage.

So here’s to great success for all of you in your ventures, and to me in mine! Cheers!

I’d appreciate you sharing the online course with your network – who knows, perhaps we can all help one another out in our own niche expertise. Drop me a line, let me know! I welcome guest blogging, professional opinions and resources in the realm of website design, social media strategy, and internet marketing.


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