Constantly Updating

Continuously Updating

I’m in the midst of creating an online course to empower business owners to create, maintain and update their own website. Of course, I’m using WordPress as the platform to help them build a site they will be able to manage. WordPress is the easiest to use platform for non-techy people.

I recorded a video about a week or so ago replete with installing a self-hosted site and then an overview of the Dashboard and Settings menus. Well, I went back to record the next series of videos today regarding the Tools and Users menus as well as begin building the site by choosing a theme.

Guess what happened between the first recording and the second? Yep, you got it! The latest version of WordPress became available.

I’m not ready to record updates yet, nor would it make total sense to plop that action into the midst of the sequence I had already created. So now I have the lovely yellow-backed bar at the top of the screen letting me know the update is ready. I think what I’ll do is record the update video before we start discussing plugins as there is an update for Jetpack also.

This just served to remind me how often technology is updated and what a blessing that can be. I love that WordPress updates itself and that I don’t need to continually be searching for bugs and vulnerabilities. All I need to do is backup my sites, click the update button, and rest easy knowing that the experts at Automattic are keeping our sites secured and updated.

It also reminded me, once again, that I cannot control everything. Really, that when it comes to technology I control very little! And honestly, that’s quite all right. I don’t claim to know everything there is to know about the Internet or websites or even good design. That’s why there are experts out there who know everything about a niche. I believe it’s my job to find the experts and share them with my clients. Be the resource for my clients so they save some time searching for the expert in the field of Internet Statistics, or SEO for Blogs, or the one person who is the absolute best at writing camping recipes and publishing them into eBooks (

Do you appreciate how often technology seemingly updates itself (albeit the elves behind it making this phenomenon occur)? Or do you find it a complete annoyance to be always needing to update again? Let me know below.


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