Social Media Etiquette

image of thumb up and thumb downWhen did it become acceptable to utilize Facebook for business-level communication?

I mean, I use Facebook for business communication – i.e. to promote my client’s Social Media sites, or to tell everyone what’s new in my business, or to like and share businesses I admire and appreciate with my circle of friends.

But I do not use Facebook as a valid form of communication that should only be between two people or entities. Receiving a private message from a colleague that a) addressed me improperly and b) simply said ‘Call me’ caused me to do the exact opposite and completely ignore the demand.

Now if this person and I only had ties through the Social Media platform…that’s one thing. But this professional individual has my personal phone number, at least two of my five email addresses and has utilized those forms of communication in the past. Therefore I know they can get a hold of me in more traditional manners.

Is it just me though? Am I the only one who appreciates a well-written and carefully worded email? Or heaven-forbid, a phone call when something is presumably pressing enough to warrant the perceived immediacy of a private message? When did we move into the tech age of a message sent on a social media website as an acceptable form of business communication?

So I ask for your thoughts – am I out of line in wishing we could maintain a level of decorum that includes traditional forms of communication when it comes to business transactions? Or am I simply crazy and unwilling to yield to the digital age – and all that goes with it – that we currently find ourselves navigating? Please leave your comments below.


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